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St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Parish

668 Clearfield Rd
Fenelton, PA

Fax: 724-287-3550

Mass Times:


4:00 PM

7:30 AM

7:30 AM

Funeral/Wedding Guidelines

Some general Information about Funerals and Weddings at St. John’s

Since all liturgies are part of our deposit of faith, Funerals and Weddings are primarily the parish’s celebrations of important moments in our spiritual journey. The parish is responsible for all liturgical preparations.

The time of the funeral is based on the parish’s wish to be present to the family at their time of need. The normal time for funerals here at St. John’s is 10:00 AM; other times should be discussed with the pastor who is the usual celebrant of the funeral. The parish provides the ministers (organist, lector, and servers) to help the family celebrate the liturgy. Family members are welcome to do these ministries if they are in good standing with the Church and are properly trained. Songs that are used for the Mass are to be religious in nature and known by the faith community.

Our funeral ministry is usually available to provide a meal after the liturgy. A family member’s phone number should be provided to the pastor by the funeral director when the time of the funeral is scheduled. A parish member will contact the family and provide the assistance needed for this service. The committee will then take the responsibility of helping the family with the meal.

The pastor of the parish is the normal celebrant for weddings and he is to interview the couple before any plans are made. Dates will only be provided after the interview. The Diocese of Pittsburgh has a minimum preparation time of six months. The time for weddings at St. John is 1:00 PM with Mass and 1:30 PM without Mass. These times help the pastor provide for the needs of all its members. The parish music director is to be contacted about music in relation to the celebration.

If a priest other than the pastor is to celebrate the Funeral or Marriage, it is his responsibility to contact the pastor before any plans are made. Such priest must be in good standing with their diocese and provide proper documentation. All ministers at our liturgies must be in compliance with and provide documentation in relationship to the United States Catholic Bishop’s guidelines for Protecting God’s Children, this most cherished group of members of the Faith Community.

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